Ney Melo
Ney Melo
Argentine Tango Maestro, Flywheel Instructor, and Model. Represented by Bella Agency NYC.

My wife and I watch your dancing everyday on youtube: it is glorious, spiritual, art of the highest order! Although we are in our 70s we have decided to take lessons, thanks to the gift of beauty you have given us — thank you.

(We just hope at our age we don’t fall ;-)
— Ron & Christine Kritter Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ney Melo is an internationally renowned Argentine Tango teacher known for his innovative teaching methods and passion for teaching. He has had a successful career teaching Argentine tango workshops in different cities around the world since 2004. His instruction is sought out by beginning and advanced dancers, as well as other teachers and choreographers from all over the world. In 2019, Ney will be the maestro at the Tucson Tango Festival and will be teaching tango workshops in Dubai.

Ney grew up in New York City and received a scholarship to the prestigious Regis High School in Manhattan. He then attended Binghamton University and graduated with a degree in Accounting. A career on Wall Street followed with stints at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. After September 11th, Ney left Wall Street to find something that would fulfill him and this led him to Argentine Tango and Buenos Aires. His story has been featured on Yahoo! News, the NY Times, and many other news publications.

Ney’s tango inspiration and training came from the master couple “Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Missé” and other Argentine masters of the salon style of tango. In 2007, he and his partner Jennifer Bratt established a tango school in the Nob Hill section of San Franciso which reintroduced the traditional salon style of tango to the young generation of West Coast tango dancers. In 2011, they moved back to New York City in order to be closer to their families.

After Jennifer took a break from teaching and performing tango in 2011, Ney went on to partner with Maestras Cecilia Gonzalez and Virginia Pandolfi on teaching tours to Iceland, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

Ney believes that Argentine Tango is the greatest partner dance that was ever invented and he believes in it’s power to connect people not just to each other but to themselves. The atmosphere in his classes is relaxed, personable and lively, and he places equal emphasis on the lady’s role as well as the man’s. Ney is dedicated to inspiring students to dance tango with feeling, musicality, cadencia, and connection – the way it is danced in Buenos Aires.

Berlin, Germany