In Memoriam: Anne-Sophie Ville

Yesterday, a great friend, and an important figure in the tango scene in the US, lost her battle with lung cancer and passed away at a young age. I will miss Anne-Sophie dearly. She had such an impact on so many in such a short amount of  time on this earth.

Anne-Sophie Ville, a Belgian native, was one of the main organizers in the Washington, DC tango community as well as a highly sought after dancer and instructor. She was the founder and organizer of the Washington DC Tango Marathon, one of the best and most highly attended tango festivals in the United States, attracting over 300 dancers from the US and Europe each year for 4 days of non-stop dancing and organizer of the Baltimore Tango Fest that brought to the East coast Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Mariana Dragone, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes .

In 2007, she decided to leave the United States and travel the world to dance and teach tango.

She will be missed. Here she is, in a commercial for tango shoes.


One response to “In Memoriam: Anne-Sophie Ville

  1. I was blessed to have Anne Sophie and Lung Kwei stay with me for 4 days during Providence Tango’s milonga and teachings schedules. She was super nice as well as Lung Kuei.
    You both, I met once, and are very kind couple too, excellent dancers. You also once liked my Lucuma cake from Chile..:)
    I did design work for the Comme il Faut logo soon after that visit with Sophie..she sent me Belgian chocolate by mail to thank me.
    Impactful to hear she is gone…today was my birthday, and I am lucky to see 43 years.

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