In Memoriam: Pablo Fontana

What a year 2011 has been. So many good events and so many bad ones, such as this one: the death of my friend and fellow tanguero Pablo Fontana. Two nights ago, Pablo somehow lost control of his car and drove off the road. He was 31 years old. It is so hard to believe because, although he drove fast, he was an incredibly skilled driver. I remember teaching with him at the Charlotte tango festival one year ago. He was always joking and his smile would light up the milonga. I look at the pictures from that event now and I cannot believe how the bright light that was his life was extinguished so suddenly. I am still in shock as I write this. The irony of it all is that Pablo was Anne-Sophie Ville’s tango partner for a long time. Anne-Sophie passed away after losing her battle with lung cancer last month.


4 responses to “In Memoriam: Pablo Fontana

  1. Such a lost , he was a great teacher.
    Pablo was my first tango teacher, he taught me all the fundamentals of Tango.
    RIP Pablo

  2. Sometimes there can be no reason or understanding why such a young, talented and beloved person is taken from us. For those of us who had the profound opportunity to know him and to have been taught by him this is a loss that is immeasurable. Pablo loved to dance and to teach his immense knowledge of the dance to others. For us, his students, “single lead—single follow” was his mantra. The shock of losing Pablo cannot be reconciled. What we can do is be thankful for the time we had to love him, know him and be given his great gift of teaching tango. R.I,P.

  3. Pablo was my tango instructor for 3 years. During this period I observed how Pablo taught each one of his students that we live in a room of our own making with many windows. It is important to open the windows gracefully to allow the joy and gladness of the outside world to enter your room through faith and trust in others around you. Pablo was an accomplished tango dancer and a highly skilled instructor, but most important, a sincere friend to his students. His kindness and humble personality certainly spoke to me. It was a privilege to have known him.

  4. This is such a nice tribute to a wonderful dancer and teacher. I cannot stop thinking about what a special man he was. He was a beautiful dancer and a wonderful teacher. My heart goes out to his lovely family.

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