Support Your Local University Tango Club! (West Coast)

These tango clubs/student organizations are the source of our new, young dancers. İ have seen the rejuvenation of the tango scene in New York and the tri-state area due to Robin Thomas’s work with the clubs at Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and other nearby universities. These clubs expose young people to tango at an affordable price before they graduate and get caught up with hustle and bustle of their careers. İ encourage all tango dancers in the area to attend these festivals and support the growth of this dance, this art form, that we love so much!!

If you are on the WEST COAST, I invite you to attend the Caltech Student Tango Festival on the 6,7,8 of April 2012.

Ney Melo
Jaimes Friedgen & Christa Rodriguez
Homer Ladas & Cristina Ladas

Sabah Chammas
Kyla Joy Mares
Homer Ladas

Register here:


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