SUNDAYS: Free intro class + practica

Many people have asked me why I took on the responsibility of Brooklyn Tango if I can just “travel and teach” or teach students privately.

The reason is that I wanted to have my own “lab” in regards to tango teaching, a place where I can explore different methods of teaching concepts, where I can track the effects of these new methods on a student’s progress over a longer period of time instead of just a weekend, and where I can even test out new workshop topics.

When I think about how I taught over the years, i notice a big difference in my teaching and dancing before Jennifer and I owned “TangoVida San Francisco” and then afterwards. Almost all of our beginner workshop topics were revamped during that time. I specify the “beginner topics” because I feel that those are the most important yet the most difficult to teach. Many times a tango teacher will take the easy way out and teach a class on something that they happen to be working on, instead of on a concept that will truly guide a student on their journey to finding their tango.

So, come check us out every Sunday for a free introductory class from 2-2.30pm and then stay for the practica until 5pm. Our beginner classes are every Monday and Tuesday from 7.30pm – 9pm.


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