Marko, Maja, and Montreal

About a month ago, I had a transformative week in Montreal where I collaborated with a wonderful tango couple named “Marko & Maja” and we talked tango for a week…in classes, over meals… the park! For a while, I had had a bunch of ideas floating in my head about the dance, the movement, and the interpretation of tango. I had hit a point where my strict training in Villa Urquiza salon, my milonguero “estilo del centro” adopted from the milongas, and my own tango ideas were colliding. When I spoke with Marko and Maja, it was like finding people who had been thinking similar things and with their thoughts added to mine, I was able to make “breakthroughs”. I realized that I had to let go of some of that strict base training in order to allow the new things (which were already trying to come out) to finally appear.

To adopt a new technique, and adjust one’s style might sound risky right before heading out on tour again but, in this case, it feels right. It was time.

Thank you, guys!


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