Bedtime Stories from Budapest 1

A trilogy of quickly-written bedtime stories inspired by pics I took while in Budapest:

Dear Gaga,

I heard that you got a bit scared going to school today. It’s ok, we all get scared. In fact, Papa was scared yesterday. The reason Papa was scared was because he traveled to a city called Budapest in search of a magical yellow house. Here is a picture:

Why did Papa have to go into the magical yellow house? Because he wanted to meet the mysterious wizard named Budai. (It has been said that the Wizard Budai can grant wishes.)

Papa walked up to the front door and gave it a little push. It was unlocked and opened quite easily! Papa walked in and suddenly the door slammed shut behind him! Then a bunch of mosquitoes flew out from behind a door and started chasing him! So Papa ran up the stairs, ran into a room, and slammed the door shut behind him! Then he found himself in a big hall:


He walked down to the end of the room and tried to open the door but this time it was closed. Papa pushed and pushed but couldn’t open it. Then a loud voice filled the room. It said “WHO ARE YOU??” 

Papa answered “I am here to see the Wizard Budai.”

The loud voice answered “I am the Wizard Budai! What do you want? Why are you in my yellow house??” 

Papa answered “Well I heard that you can grant wishes.” 

Mister Budai: Yes….maybe I can.

Papa: Well….I DARE YOU to grant me a wish!

Wizard Budai: A dare?? You DARE ME?? FINE!! I’ll show you! What do you wish?!

Papa: I wish for an umbrella! 

Wizard Budai: An umbrella? An umbrella?? How about this?? Open the door!

So Papa pushed on the door that couldn’t open and it opened quite easily and when he went into the room, he saw this:

Many umbrellas! And people!  

Papa said “wow, that is amazing! But I want another wish. i wish for some flowers for my daughter Gaga!”

And all of a sudden, the wizard Budai made this appear:


So Papa now has some magic little flowers to give to Gaga. What makes the flowers “magic”, you ask? TheY are magic because you use them to save the kingdom from giants. How did that happen? I will tell you…….but first I must tell you the story about a boy named Kiki.

Continued in Part 2……..


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