Bedtime Stories from Budapest 2

A trilogy of quickly-written bedtime stories inspired by pics I took while in Budapest.

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom named Budapest, a young boy named Kiki looked up in the sky and saw a cloud shaped like a dragon:  

He noticed that the cloud was moving and he dropped what he was doing in order to follow the cloud.  He walked a long time and finally the cloud stopped above a rock with sword stuck inside it:

Kilian pulled on the sword and it easily came out of the  stone! 

The sword started glowing and Kiki magically knew what he had to do: he had to release the golden birds. The golden birds were birds with feathers made of gold that used to fly over the castle. Many years before, giants attacked the castle and captured the birds. 

So Kiki started his quest. First, he walked through the forest of rain. 

 It is a huge green forest where it rains endlessly. He got terribly wet and cold but he kept going until he reached the end of the forest. At the end of the forest, he reached a land called Kiev. Kiev was filled with huge fields of sunflowers. Kiki picked one sunflower, just one. He wanted to pick all of them, but he picked just one. 

Then he walked east (where the sun rises) and walked all the way to a land called Odessa, where the Black Sea is. He stood at the edge of the Black Sea and held out the sunflower. All of a sudden, a giant fish woman came out of the water. She said “For meeeeeee?” and Kiki said “Yes indeed!” and he gave her the sunflower.
 The fish woman was overjoyed! She was so happy that she had a sunflower from Kiev that she asked Kiki “I will grant you any wish! What would you like?”
Kiki said “I would like the golden birds to fly over the castle again.” 

And the fish woman said “yes indeed!” and she released the birds from the giants cave.

And from then forward, the golden feathered birds flew over the castle every night. 

But when the giants woke up and saw that the birds were missing, they became angry and started marching towards the castle to attack. 

What happens next is something that will test Starla’s magic flowers, Kiki’s magic sword, and the newest knight in the Kingdom: baby Luna. 

To be continued……in Part 3.


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