New Couples or Partnerships that I am currently watching 

As I have written in the past, I am an avid Youtube/Vimeo tango video watcher and an insomniac. This leads to a lot of tango video watching. I usually like to see what my friends are doing, as well as be on the lookout for 3 things: 

1. “the exciting new couples” 

2. “the exciting new partnerships” between established dancers

3. couples that work mostly in Europe but who I think should be invited to North America. 

Here is a list of a few couples that are currently keeping me up at night because I can’t sleep until I finish watching the video! Enjoy!

Brenno and Eva

I heard of Brenno and Eva from Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (organizer extraordinaire of the Remolino marathon in the Ukraine) when she happened to show me a youtube video. Since then, I have watched a couple more videos and I love their smoothness. Their Facebook page is here:

Marko and Maja

Possibly the most fashionable couple in tango at the moment (Marko is outfitted by the Astor Querido label.) Looks aside, they “kill it” in this milonga. I love it! 

Fausto y Stephanie

They are usually known for their vals and tango performances but this milonga performance is great! 

Maria Filali y Gianpiero Galdi 

I met Maria Filali three years ago in the Berlin marathon and I did not get a chance to dance with her and I have been kicking myself ever since. In this video (as in all her videos), she is such a strong dancer and a strong presence but yet she doesn’t sacrifice the connection with her partner to achieve that. Info on their upcoming workshop is here

Javier Rodriguez and Carla Rossi

Carla Rossi…..I’m a fan. She has great footwork and foot speed combined with elegance. Javier Rodriguez, the legend, the teacher of teachers is great as always: combining a strong milonguero repertoire with just the right amount of flashy steps.


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