Hungarian Pedal Cars

Marika and I walked to the park and we saw the stands for the pedal cars. We didn’t see anybody that was managing the bikes, and I got impatient so I said “let’s just get on and start riding”. As soon as we start pedaling, a big woman jumps in front of the bike. I swerve to avoid her and start heading in the direction of a light pole. I pull on the brake to stop the bike and it doesn’t work so we crash into the pole!! The woman starts cursing at us in Hungarian. She also said “this car has no brake!!” to which I then reply “well, Madam, that is dangerous! We could have driven into the Danube!” There is a moment of tense silence…….and then she starts cackling at the thought of us falling into the Danube. Suddenly we ALL start laughing. We laugh for about 5 minutes. There were tears coming down Marika’s cheeks!

Ney Melo