Para Vos / For You

by Ney Melo

One Friday night in Berlin, 30 minutes before Marika and I danced at Nou, Thomas (the owner of Nou) asked us if we would be open to the idea of dancing to live music since El Cachivache Quinteto (a wonderful tango orchestra that is touring Europe at the moment. If you get a chance, check them out.) was in the milonga that night. He said “no worries, if the audience doesn’t like you and clap enough, we won’t do it”. (I love the German sense of humor.)

Later, the pianist, Pablo, informed us “It’s an original song of mine….and it has a big romantic Hollywood ending.” That’s it, that’s the only “guidance” we got…….but, once again, we thought (almost hopefully) “hey, maybe the audience won’t want it.”

After dancing 4 songs, it appeared that the audience wanted one more! So it was time for us to dance to “the song we never heard before”. Pablo took his place at the piano and we stepped onto the dancefloor. I heard the opening notes, walked over to Marika, and I embraced her. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with this feeling: “I miss her. I miss her terribly.” Everything came rushing back to me at that moment: her voice, her smile, her laugh………her eyes. Those big, beautiful eyes which I had looked into and realized, much too late, that I had hurt their owner’s feelings. The realization that all these wondrous places I would travel to would now look a bit less beautiful because her eyes weren’t looking at these places along with me. Regret and sadness took over and I realized that the “plan” I had going into the performance was not going to happen. Part of me said “not now. I don’t want to feel this now.” but another part said “just go with it” and I did. It was a strange feeling to let my sadness move me and to not know where it would take me. I can’t remember any of the movements we did, it is only by watching the video later that I can see what happened. 

This morning, I was trying to find out the name of the song and I received this message:

“I don’t know if you know the story behind this song but watching you both dance to this interpretation with only piano…..I have never heard it like this before and it is beautiful.”

I learned that the song was written by Pablo while he was in Buenos Aires because he missed his love who was in France at the time. It amazed me how I knew nothing of the story of the song but yet I was able to feel exactly what it was about. 

So, without further ado, we present to you “Para Vos/ For You”:

Ney Melo