CV + Videos

Ney Melo 2002 – 2004

  • Ney left Lehman Brothers Investment Bank and Wall Street
  • met Jennifer Bratt in NYC
  • Lived half the year in Buenos Aires, half in New York City
  • Organized 2 tours to Buenos Aires
  • studied with Javier Rodriguez, Jorge Dispari y La Turca, El Turco Jose, Tete Rusconi, Julio & Corina, Carlitos Perez y Rosa, Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira

in Russian:

Ney & Jennifer Bratt 2004 – 2011

  • Organized 3 tours to Buenos Aires
  • Workshops in Singapore and Kuala Lampur
  • Workshops in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane Australia
  • Workshops in London and Brighton, UK
  • Firenze Tango Festival 2012
  • Tango Festival in Capri, Italy 2007-2009 (with Chicho & Juana, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Pablo Inza & Moira Castellano, Milena Plebs, Diana y Juan Camerlingo)
  • Festival in Malmo, Sweden “La Milonga del Corazon 4” (Oct 2010) (with Ariadna Naveira y Fernando)
  • Workshops in Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Istanbul
  • Opened a tango studio in San Francisco named “TangoVida”

Ney & Ellinor Westrup (Malmo, Sweden) 2011-2013

  • Workshops in Linkjoping, Sweden
  • taught classes at TangoKompaniet Malmo
  • Bucharest Tango Festival 2011
  • Toronto Tango Festival 2012
  • Denver Tango Festival 2013
  • Firenze Tango Festival 2013 (with Esteban Moreno y Claudia Codega, Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero, Neri Piliu y Yanina Quinones)

Ney & Cecilia Gonzalez (Argentina) 2013

  • Tango on ICEland Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Tango Festival in Melbourne, Australia (with Michelle+Joachim)

Ney & Virginia Pandolfi (Argentina) 2013

American Tour (workshops in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC)

European Tour

  • Stuttgart (workshops and performances to Solo Tango Orchestra from Moscow)
  • Bucharest (workshops and performances)
  • Genoa Tango festival (with Sebastian Jimenez y Maria Ines Bogado, Rodrigo Palacios y Agustina Berenstein, Carlitos Espinosa y Noelia Hurtado)
  • Ankara Tango Carnival (Carlitos Espinosa y Noelia Hurtado, Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez, Haris Mihail y Malika Pitou0-Nicolier)

Ney Melo 2014

  • Denver Tango Festival (with Hannah Louise Poston)
  • workshops and performances in Martinique (June 2014)
  • workshops and performances in Finland

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